Networking, LAN, WAN

When you work with VCS Companies, you're working with an experienced leader.

Supporting the convergence of voice, video and data to provide your business with the network infrastructure solutions that best fit your business needs.


VCS Companies specializes in providing fiber optic-based Local Area and Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN) Computer Services.

The continuing emergence of new multimedia technologies demands businesses to make appropriate decisions in the crucial areas of their telecommunications operations. With the evolving implementation of industry standards, critical judgements in network design and installation must be made. Proper selection of cabling types, topology, interfacing equipment, and physical layout are areas of significant concern.

We can design, install, and maintain the network best suited for your business's environment. Cost efficiency, high productivity, and future expansion capabilities are primary features integrated in every network we offer. In addition, all projects designed and installed by VCS Companies are supported with certified documentation on all cabling tests performed as well as 'as-built' computer assisted drawings of the completed project layout. As your telecommunications vendor, we take pride on always providing timely support from our technical staff, not only during a project, but, more importantly, after completion! VCS Companies IT Designers and Engineers are trained and certified in the installation, testing, and termination of today's latest network cabling, including Category 6 UTP, coaxial cabling, and fiber optics.


VCS Companies/Infiniti Communications Technologies, Inc. (ICT) is a recognized Leviton Certified Cabling Systems Partner. Leviton is a well-respected and enduring electrical/telecommunications manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years. Our personnel have been trained in all aspects of Leviton's structured cabling systems design, installation, and support, offering clients confidence their network infrastructure meets the highest standards available in today's telecommunications industry. 'Backwards compatibility' and 'Future-proofing' are two key industry-related terms that define today's premier networks and are standard components with all of our installed network infrastructures. As an added bonus, our Leviton certification provides the option for its customers to enjoy the opportunity to utilize a IS­ year, 20-year, or 'Lifetime' structured cable system warranty.

VCS Companies / Infiniti Communications Technologies is proud to be the Crossroad area's exclusive Leviton Network Solutions Certified Contractor. Click here to learn more about the Leviton Network Solutions Certified Contractor Program.

VCS Companies/Infiniti Communications Technologies, Inc. (ICT) is a member of the Corning Optical Communications LLC LANscape Network of Preferred Installers' (NPI) program, a prestigious group of people trained and certified by Corning to design, install, and support fiber optic-based networks. As an NPI member, we are able to provide customers an end-to-end fiber optic solution offering Corning's product lines and presenting a 25-year LANscape Solutions extended warranty. Corning has been manufacturing glass for over 150 years and is the world's leader in fiber optic glass manufacturing, having invented the world's first low-loss fiber optic cable in 1970.

VCS Companies/Infiniti Communications Technologies, Inc. (ICT) is the only Corning NPI in the region and owns and maintains a vast assortment of specialized equipment required for installing, testing, splicing, and terminating fiber optic cable, per industry­ accepted guidelines.